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Engineering of information systems (track in Computer Engineering)

The track of study Engineering of information systems is aimed at students of computer science who are interested in acquiring both general knowledge, as well as specific practical skills in software engineering. Students learn about computer architecture and principles of computer design, multitasking operating systems, computer networks design, database systems and applications. They gain experience in object-oriented programming languages, such as C++, Java, C#, parallel and distributed computing, computer graphics, computer vision and computational intelligence as well as human-computer interaction. Learners are acquainted with systems engineering, teamwork and project management, IT security and the applicable legal and ethical principles. They get knowledge about modern software engineering methods and technologies.  Graduates of this specialization find employment in virtually all sectors of the economy, administration and management, computer hardware and software companies, clinics and hospitals (databases and networks) as well as in education. 

Computer control systems (track in Automatic Control and Robotics)

The track of study Computer control systems is targeted particularly for those, who are interested in building various automation and control systems and integrating them into IT environment. Students learn about computer programming in universal and real-time operating systems, modern microcontrollers and, embedded systems. Other subjects include computer networks and distributed control systems, industrial database systems, and software engineering. Skills are acquired in robotics, CNC programming, computer vision, wireless communication, rapid prototyping of mechatronic devices and systems, principles of system safety. Knowledge is acquired about methods of artificial intelligence, data exploration and decision support systems. Graduates of this specialization can be employed in automation departments of engineering, chemical and energy service companies; in firms which specialize in installing, operating, and maintaining the programmable controllers, control systems or automated production lines; in business informatics working on integration of various computer networks and applications that connect both the production and management spheres and wherever  the combination of information technology and control  is needed.